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Stay hydrated but don't go over board. Oh and one more thing, your son drank alcohol which by itself is dehydrating now add in MDMA which speeds up the body and you will be extra dehydrated. I would say that it is a well know fact that alot of famous people not all do use drugs because they are so readily available to them. I personally have holes in my digestive system from burns caused on the inside from taking drugs. From rat poison to hormone growth pills. Submitted by bin on it on March 21,

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Submitted by jose on April 13,

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'MDMA gave me anxiety, depression and panic attacks'

They all went on to be productive members of society. Sure in the moment you feel open hearted. If possible have one of the pills in the batch tested so you know what you are taking. Actually, she's a part of the illuminati Research a good dosage. Such as personality disorders, chemical imbalances that cause depression or severe anxiety. Submitted by Withheld on October 27,

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girl on mdma really video
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girl on mdma really video
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