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Which he respected immediately! February 23, at Which means no judgements and no making the other feel gross or creepy. April 24, at I guess because it sounds totally hot and like something I would love? However, even minor gagging repeated enough times will eventually lead to something much worse than salivating!

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I love hearing the slosh of her throat, the sound of her gagging, seeing her eyes glaze over in tears, and the constant bouts of drool oozing from her hurt throat, and giving her that moment to spit it out quickly and gasp so I can go again and again.

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Bad phrasing on my part. The flirting is good and I seem to get positive response, you have now given me a prompt and confidence to take it further, more directly — but only when I feel the girl might be receptive. I was exhausted and my body was trembling with pain, fatigue, and sweat. I was introduced to throatfucking by my best friend Larry when we were teenagers. It can be confusing at first.

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