Asian rice crisis

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Global stocks of rice, as with other grains, are at their lowest sincedepleted by a combination of population growth, less farmland, poor planning, and bad weather. Climate change could be an earthquake in comparison. Vietnam, fearing shortages due to a cold wave on the Red River Delta in mid-Januarybanned sales to international rice traders. After a review of the causes of the rice crisis, it is clear no single nation can be blamed for starting the panic that became the Rice Crisis. In the crisis, the Japanese reserve stocks finally quelled the panic. In much of the developed world, food shortages on the scale of historical famines are unthinkable.

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Monitor Daily Current Issue.

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2008 global rice crisis

While this fuels new economic engines such as services and industry, it also undercuts resources needed to grow food. Plorensio 's village underscore a failure of policy and foresight repeated across the region: There were no widespread crop failures in the planting season of that caused the misery of It was in this setting that the Rice Crisis began. A shortfall of 10 percent is expected forcausing fears that food riots could erupt here as they have in countries such as HaitiEgyptMexicoBurkina Fasoand Senegal.

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asian rice crisis
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asian rice crisis
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