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He was amazed that we used to shower together: Eww, almost all of them are white. One of my roommates in college was a wrestler. But there were no underage boys. Lawsuits were filed in '99, and the case decided a few years later. I played hockey in hs and naked is not a big deal for me.

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Being a lesbian is being with only women folk continuously and to me it seems such as you have been in simple terms going with the pass and doing something distinctive. And, yes, most college wrestlers are nicely built, so there isn't really any problem for them to walk around naked. In international freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling outside of the school setting, the rule is that wrestlers must weigh in wearing their competition singlets. Definitely not the US. The only worrying part is that their parents are trying to pressure them at that young an age. I understand the logic behing the prohibition, but I don't necessarily agree with it.

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