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If people do not know what those words are, and if they are rarely used, the need for bleeping would rarely come up. How ass became a curse word could very well have resulted from this very social rift that existed in England years ago. Now, if you were a young fellow addressing a much older superior like your boss, or even worse, your teacher and you refered to yourself as ore, or even worse if you used the casual second person pronoun "kimi," that would be extremely rude, tatamount, perhaps, to swearing. Augustine became Christians as adults. In other words, the act of banning is in essence the same as endorsing them. This is quite a big factor no boy wants to go out with the chick who wears turtle necks. We look at the etymology of words classified as curse or dirty words, and if the basis for the classification is unjust, we unclassify them, and make people feel guilty for NOT using them.

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If you could point to a measurable benefit that has arisen by allowing children to act like unruly adults, what would it be?

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We had a very interesting lesson on it. I always thought calling someone an ass came from a reference to the animal a male donkeynot someone's rear end. The words themselves do not determine the degree of offensiveness. So, this is short. Come to think of it, that sounds kind of funny too.

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