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They both moaned into each other's mouth and in a few seconds, Sakura was slammed against another wall… The wall of their room. Sasuke smirked, still ramming into her. Her eyes closed as he started pumping faster, but he frowned again, his pace slowing again. And I just recently moved in with him. What are you doing in here? Sakura completely forgot that she was supposed to be working at the moment as she continued to kiss the Uchiha. It was hard for Sasuke not to flip her over and fuck her endlessly, but he wanted her to have her share of the fun.

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His pace became more quick and her tried to thrust inside her harder and deeper.

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Sasuke knew exactly where she was because he could sense her chakra. Sakura said while she looked down at Sasuke's chart. Sakura-chan is like the only ninja in our age group that is still a virgin! He pulled her back to him as she tried to escape and clasped his lips on hers, while Sakura laughed and tried to pull back. Sasuke groaned from her kisses and began to take off her shirt as well.

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